customer focus marketing strategy + creative design

Vienna Creative is a different kind of design and marketing agency. Our focus is you. When you are ready to start your project, we sit down and listen. You know your company the best, and we want to hear the details. In the details is where the heart of your business is. Vienna Creative is not trying to sell you every service that we offer. What is important to us, is that your customers get an improved experience from the marketing that you put out there. There is focus in our strategy and we bring a unique and creative design skill set to the table.

The Vienna Creative team is a full-service graphic design, website design and marketing strategy company. We offer continuous support throughout your marketing campaign as well as the ability to take care of your day-to-day graphic design needs. We describe ourselves as: A Culture of Innovative Design. Vienna Creative prides ourselves on having a strong customer focus and backing that up with professional work.

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the process


Strategy and research

When you are ready to get your project started, we set up a meeting to go over the details. Vienna Creative then goes to the drawing board to brainstorm ideas and concepts. We do the research to help us develop the strategy.


Unique, creative design

The foundation is set with the strategy in place. Now it is time to make everything look good. Our experience and creativity lends itself to a professional, unique design that is sure to be eye-catching to your target market.


Time to implement

After the drafts have been revised and ultimately finalized, it is time to deploy the marketing plan. We tie in all of your marketing collateral, advertising and website. Your strong brand identity and good service will create customer loyalty.